Horizon online game and PC sequel – details from leaked Sony document

A Sony release schedule has been published on the web. If the information is correct, then we are preparing the online game service in the Horizon universe, the sequel’s port on the PC and the remaster of the first part on PS5, as well as other unannounced projects.

The original document appeared on 4chan – it has already been deleted, but a screenshot was preserved on the ResetEra forum. It was partially confirmed by Gematsu, VGC and MP1st sources.

Thus it turns out that Guerrilla Games is working on the online Horizon for PC and PS5 and the Zero Dawn remaster for the latter platform. At the same time, they haven’t picked up a studio for the Forbidden West port on PC yet.

Also in the document there is another mention of the Returnal version for PC and not so long ago was announced Rise of Ronin (under the working title Ronin), which seems to be the multiplayer. Ocean by Kojima Productions on PS5 is another argument in favor of the existence of Death Stranding 2. A collaboration between Hideo Kojima’s studio and Sony on such a project was recently reported by insider Dusk Golem.

At the end of September, notorious Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) shared the insider information, that soon the public will be presented a new Need for Speed. The new part has allegedly been subtitled Unbound.

Horizon online game and PC sequel – details from leaked Sony document

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